Racing Update

The last day for early registration is November 8th. 


As you are planning for the race, please consider bringing a donation for PATH. (To learn more about PATH, click HERE to visit their website. To view a complete list of their needs, click HERE.) As you look at the donation page, there are two columns. The one on the right are items which they are 100% dependent on from community donations. This includes everyday personal hygiene products, such as tooth paste and soap. One of their biggest needs right now is TOILET PAPER. If you’re at the store, and can pick up some extra rolls, please bring them to the race. If you want to donate before then, or any other time throughout the year, there is information on their website for donation drop offs.


As we all know, Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for the blessings in your life. Those things could include family, friends, your home, your church, and/or football. PATH is an organization which provides blessings to people whose needs I find it hard to imagine. I’ve never been without food, or basic supplies like tooth paste and toilet paper. I can’t begin to know what it feels like to worry about how I will get those items, which I easily take for granted as I use them each day. And that is why I feel so thankful to be helping with this race. This Thanksgiving, I am thankful that I am a part of an event that will make a difference in other people’s lives. I can’t think of a better way to start off the holiday season.

A big THANK YOU from all of us in advance!


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